We could not have been happier with the service, professionalism, and creativity of Joey Carman. Our album is extraordinary when rating the beauty of the photographs and the design of the album. We are over the moon with the lifetime keepsake of our wedding. Another aspect of his involvement with the wedding was his energetic friendliness with our guests. Everyone enjoyed his interaction and the ever present smile on his face! Do yourselves a favor and include Joey Carman Photography in your wedding plans

- LINDA + GARY, Wedding Photography

JC-Testimonials_sasha and mark.png

“...You will not find a more creative, energetic, fun and loving photographer than Joey Carman! Joey took the time to learn about what is special to me, my husband & my family in order to tell a story of the union of our families and each other on my wedding day. His passion & enthusiam for his craft shows in the effort he makes to capture special moments & emotion, candid shots, that only a skilled professional like Joey can preserve on film...”

- SASHA + MARK, Wedding Photography

JC-Testimonials_joyce and chris.png

“...Joey has such a creative way of capturing the beauty of a single moment, and our wedding album is proof of that. Whether it is a posed shot, candid, or picture of a static image - they all tell their own individual story. And the album itself? It is a work of art that displays the creativity and artistic flair of Joey and Karen...”

- JOYCE + CHRIS, Wedding Photography

JC-Testimonials_andrea and byron.png

“...Joey is an awesome photographer! I have no complaints what-so-ever with his work! He is incredibly creative and confident! He delivered what I asked for and added his own style which made the photos so much better. His wife, who is also his assistant, enriches his work with a feminine perspective that makes everything perfect! They both are very detail oriented (I think all brides look for that!). Everyone who has seen my wedding pictures have had to address the artistic beauty in the photos!.”  

- ANDREA + BRIAN, Wedding Photography